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Vaarna is an old Finnish word meaning an either wooden nail or a peg that is used to hold the circus tent in the ground and keep it in place.

Vaarna is in the border between new circus and installation art. A surrealistic performance where installation art, juggling and physical theatre meets in obscure environment creating a performance that guides our senses in a hypnotic and mesmerising ways. With kinetic sculptures and big objets manipulated by two jugglers, Vaarna brings out the prestige of a simple graphical forms turning them into eccentric visual experiences.

Graphical shapes and scenographical elements of the performance comes alive in the hands of the jugglers and surrealistic physical theatre creates playful images to present our personal obsessions as artists. Creating a visually touching and personal trip, like a stream of consciousness, a real treat for eyes and mind.


We are currently searching for residencies, co-production, and venue for a premiere.



Credits : Teo Lanerva


We experiment with objets, theatre, light and sound to make a sort of collection of interactive installations on stage. By combining the experience of visual artists view point, object manipulation of a juggler, attention guiding light design and mood imposing sound design we are putting together a new look for these art forms where they can co-exists as equal tools of expression on stage.

This performance is based on reflections of light on different objects to create visual illusions to fool the eye. A large part of The project is a reflection of the visual images that the eye sees and the magic that occurs when the eye creates something that we do not see or complete an image without it being there.

Cognitive creativity and spontaneous dance like chorepgraphies are mixed with technological approaches such as computer guided, accurate strobe lights lights and motors.

Light designer Teo Lanerva, sound designer Petteri Rajanti and jugglers Olli Vuorinen and Isak Lindberg are looking for a way to combine our practices to create a performance which gathers our experiences and expertise into a piece called Vaarna. The lights are used to enhance the juggling in a way that it becomes a part of the manipulation, with the technical aspects completing the image it will become possible to achieve the visual effects that plays alongside with te objets being manipulated. Sound design is guiding the spectators mood for more receptive state and sometimes even taking a main role as an actor in the scene.

Together with collaboration the objets, sound- and light design brings an aestethique coherence to the performance. Very detailed, well rhythmic and disorienting exprerience of motion and mood.

Lenght: 1h


Olli Vuorinen

Isak Lindberg



Teo Lanerva



Petteri Rajanti



Anne Jämsä




PRAGMA Helsinki



Kulturgjuteriet - Borby


Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Kulturgjuteriet Borrby



Spring 2020 (venue to be confirmed)





August 12-25

Race Horse Company studio

Tattarisuo - Finland

February 18-1.3

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet

Borrby - Sweden

May 20-31

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet

Borrby - Sweden

April 2-11

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet

Borrby - Sweden



May 15-25

Hurjaruuth, Helsinki Finland

July 9-20

Culture house STOA, Helsinki Finland

November 5-11.11

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet

Borrby - Sweden


December 25.11-10.12

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet

Borrby - Sweden






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