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The project is in the border between new circus and installation art. This performance is based on reflections of light on different objects to create visual illusions to fool the eye. A large part of The project is a reflection of the visual images that the eye sees and the magic that occurs when the eye creates something that we do not see or complete an image without it being there.


The principle has been the same as in the last century, but with new materials and new ideas on how the illusions can be developed artistically and with mechanical equipment, a new type of performing arts installation is being created. Old juggling tricks can be renewed with other materials, motion, light, and technology and bring out modern installations on stage. The project investigates the light's reflection on different materials, especially against mirrors and different plastic surfaces. The materials are used on stage in practical investigations and installations resulting in a performance called Vaarna. By working in combination with modern materials, technology, and an artistic style, experiments are made with light and sound to produce a magical mood.


Together with light designer Teo Lanerva, juggler Olli Vuorinen and a visual artist Isak Lindberg are looking a way to fill the air with objects, light, and smoke. A world where installation art and theatrical objects manipulation meets. Research with gravity and different materials as plexiglass, mirror-film and polystyrene boards creates visuals scenes that tricks the eye and changes gravity.


By combining the experience of visual artists viewpoint, object manipulation of a juggler and the approach of lightning design we are putting together a new look for these art forms where they can co-exist as equal tools of expression on stage.


We are inspired by bringing forward the sense of touch and it’s particular quality. The one we experience our world through. How blind people and jugglers relates through a very special sense of touch on their everyday life. Starting points of the research with lights and the trajectories of objects we seek to hypnotize and lead the spectators in a new world where visual and physical- the real and unreal senses live in harmony.


We are currently searching for residencies, co-production, and venue for a premiere.




Credits : Isak Lindberg


Olli Vuorinen

Isak Lindberg



Isak Lindberg



Teo Lanerva



Petteri Rajanti



(to be confirmed)




Company Vu



Kulturgjuteriet - Borby


Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Kulturgjuteriet Borrby



Spring 2019 (venue to be confirmed)






May 15-25

Hurjaruuth, Helsinki FIN

July 9-20

Culture house STOA, Helsinki FIN

November 5-11.11

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet SWE


December 25.11-10.12

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet SWE




February 18-1.3

Borrby Kulturgjuteriet SWE

Spring 2019

2 weeks of residency, not confirmed yet

Autumn 2019

2 weeks of residency and Premier, not confirmed yet








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